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I Am Magnificent

Hello you beautiful, magnificent beings. You might have noticed I used a new word there magnificent. That is because today I want you to feel for a moment how would it feel, to say the statement....

I am magnificent!

I am special!

I am powerful!

For the vast majority of people those statements might feel inauthentic, they might actually feel downright wrong. That is because we live in a society where we have been taught that it is noble to be humble, except somewhere along the line humble took the turn to self depreciating...we need to think less of ourselves in order to be acceptable.

We live in a society where there is a prevalent belief that if I am something such as magnificent that means that someone else can't be,  or that I have taken it from someone else.

It makes sense that in the society we live in, that we might not own the fact, and it is fact that we are magnificent. I am magnificent you are magnificent. We are these beautiful beings each spectacular and extraordinary and all connected.

Somewhere along the line each and every one of us has had an experience where somebody tried to take away our magnificence, try to steal our sparkle.

Because if we were shiny they felt they could not.  The invitation today to each and every one of us is to find moments throughout the day today, hopefully every day, where you can acknowledge your magnificence that you are special. And understand that being magnificent and being spectacular, special, or sparkly does not take anything away from anyone else. As a matter of fact, the more you sparkle and shine the greater example you are to help others to find their own sparkle and shine. I thank you so much for listening to this perspective. And until we speak again, be magnificent and be safe.

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Vacuum Energy

Hello Beautifuls. Thank you for joining me on this windy afternoon, it's been windy for days. So I'm going to record a video, even if it is windy so I apologize for the wind noise. And the crazy hair.

Today's perspective has to do with a premise in physics called vacuum energy. And the idea is that within space and matter  we cannot have something that is void or empty.

And I hear somebody saying, "Well, what about black holes?" And interestingly enough, black holes are continually sucking matter and energy within, and if left long enough black holes will actually fill, so they are no longer a hole.

The reason I bring this up is because us beautiful human beings have this tendency to hold on to things...be that people, places, things, even memories, and ideas. And when we do that we prevent anything new from coming in.

One example that comes to my mind instantly, is I have heard many many times people say, "Oh, he's not Mr Right, he's Mr Right Now."

Just think about that. He's Mr. Right Now, if you are filling your space with something that you don't want.

Mr. Right Now is occupying all the space, and there's no room for Mr. Right, to come in.

  • Now of course that's just one example, but we do it in many many ways, in every aspect of our experience. The invitation today, is to take a look at what you are holding on to that no longer serves you, that you wish was different, and to release it, so that what you want, can occupy that space. Thank you so much for listening to this perspective. And until we speak again. Please, be well.
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