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About Me

I love people and always enjoy being in the company of others. I value the importance of a global community that unites us and instills that we are part of something much greater than ourselves. Community is a place of opportunity and making connections, both personal and professional. The most solid communities are created by those who first have a solid knowledge of who they are themselves as individuals. I enjoy the opportunity to assist others in a journey of self-exploration, to deepen their awareness and understanding of self and their connection to others.

In addition to my formal training as a therapist, I share from personal experience of dealing with trauma, abuse, and loss. As a young child, there was violence and abuse in my own home. In my late 20’s, I left a rigid religious organization I had been a member of since my youth. This choice of departure meant losing contact with my whole early life support system, my friends, and my family. I had to unravel and unwind the many beliefs that had been deeply instilled from childhood and address the personal emotional pain of isolation and abandonment.

My life experiences have granted me a very intimate understanding of what trauma can do to the entirety of one’s life, how it impacts those closest to us long after the event, AND that we can heal in healthy and sustainable ways. I relate deeply to the unique experiences of those clients with whom I work. My counsel helps folks such as yourself realize that mental anguish, illness, emotional and relational issues, and even physical effects that stem from trauma, anxiety, grief, and loss do not have to define or limit your life.

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I have an ardent quest for knowledge and an investigative nature that has me studying and exploring the workings of the human mind and the mysteries of life in ancient wisdom, traditions, and philosophies. My search for knowledge has inspired travels to ancient lands, introducing me to many diverse cultures, and created many lasting friendships. I value the deeply inherent aspect of our own spirituality as an essential component of personal well-being. I have intuitive vision and am a continuing student of Shamanism.

“Your perspective will either become your prison or your passport”

- Steven Furtick

My love of nature and a particular affection for trees, has me visiting the forest almost daily. It is my experience and belief that nature holds a robust healing quality for our mind, body, and spirit. I enjoy travel and often use it as an educational tool for myself and others. Although I am not yet very good at it, I am learning to paint, and I relish every moment. I also refinish antique furniture; it gives me great pleasure to transform a discarded or worn object and restore it to its original glory.

I have a particular affinity for children and previously volunteered with some outstanding youth organizations. I worked closely with families who have children with complex care needs and disabilities. I have been fortunate enough to have volunteered for a period in an orphanage in Peru.

Currently, I am working with a local hospice in both palliative care and grief and loss support.