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Create The Life Shift You Are Desiring

We can grow and heal in all stages of our lives; our personal human resiliency is remarkable. At times we may find that circumstances may inhibit a connection to our true potential. I accompany my clients in their journey to help uncover attributes and aspects of themselves that they were unaware of, denied, hidden, and even punished. I will work with you to compassionately accept and integrate these learnings into your daily life. Armed with this new information, your innate human ability to grow and heal, and a few tools we discover along the way, it is possible to create the life shift you are desiring.

Counselling, Coaching, and Mentorship

$85.00 Per Hour

60 and 90 Minute Duration

I believe in the honest goodness of people and I desire to initiate change in how we help one another within our local and global communities. Sometimes financial constraints can be a roadblock to those seeking assistance, if you are in need or desire to access my services, please, do not let an inability to pay stop you from making contact.

Together we can arrive at a mutually satisfactory arrangement.

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